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Market: Local Government Region: Pennsylvania

Balligomingo Road Slope Failures

Conshohocken Borough, Montgomery County, PA

Balligomingo Road in West Conshohocken has been closed since June 2015, after a mudslide spilled debris across the roadway and left the adjoining hillside unstable. Because the location of the area of slope failure that caused the road closure is remote and difficult to access with conventional survey equipment, Colliers Engineering & Design was retained to deploy our unmanned aerial system (UAS) with a LiDAR sensor to survey and map the 13-acre area of interest. The resulting deliverables yielded a terrain model of the area and contour map showing the displacement of the slope onto the state roadway. The information was then used to design the slope repairs needed to re-open the road.

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  • LiDAR Mobile Mapping
  • Unmanned Aerial Systems Survey