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Maser Consulting COVID-19 Guidelines

By Colliers Engineering & Design

To All,

With COVID-19 affecting so much of our daily lives, we wanted to advise all of you of what Maser Consulting is doing to minimize the risks of exposure to our employees, their families, and all of you, our clients. At the same time of trying to keep everyone safe, we are also committed to making sure that work is completed on your projects.

In addition to following the CDC guidelines, we also are following the various state and local directives keeping in mind that having 34 offices in 12 different states provides significant challenges. Below are the guidelines currently put in place for all Maser Consulting employees, but please be advised that since the COVID-19 situation evolves almost hourly, the procedures will be modified to accommodate same:

  • All non-business critical travel is suspended, as well as attendance at any conferences, job fairs, travel between Maser offices, etc. In addition, no in-person business meetings will be allowed with more than 5 individuals in one location.
  • Over the last number of years, Maser has invested significantly on video conferencing and interconnective technologies. We will use that technology to conduct our business.
  • If an employee is sick, they are required to stay home and have restrictions as to when they can return to work with medical documentation.
  • If an employee has contracted the Coronavirus, they may not return to work for 14 days and must provide medical documentation prior to returning. The office in which that individual is working, will be shut down for 48-hours to allow thorough cleaning and sanitizing. During that 48-hour period, all office employees will work from home.
  • All project managers have been directed to develop a plan for their teams to work remotely. Many have already been enacted.
  • Our corporate phone system is web-based therefore, disruption to the phone system is likely with a significant number of employees working remotely and the overall populations’ demand on the internet bandwidth. Based on this, we suggest all communication be done through email and/or your project manager’s cell phone when feasible. We also have a contingency plan in place that the general mailbox for the Maser phone system will be monitored every 15 minutes to disseminate messages received to the appropriate individuals through email.
  • There will be management conference calls every 48-72 hours among each of the different disciplines to ensure that all staff is able to be effective and diligent with respect to meeting our clients’ deadlines.

Maser Consulting remains committed to our employees and their families as well as our clients with the highest level of support and assistance. Please be aware that Maser’s Executive Committee has daily conference calls to monitor the situation and adjust as necessary to facilitate the ever-changing environment.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation. I can assure that every effort is being made to minimize the disruption to our work product and our employees during this critical time. Please feel free to reach out to your Maser Consulting contact with any questions regarding this matter.





Kevin L. Haney, P.E.

President & CEO

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