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The Use of Drones on Construction Sites

By Colliers Engineering & Design
Volume From Generated Grid GM-3dHIRES

Courtesy of our friends at Construction Contractors Association/Hudson Valley

Technology is changing the way we build things, making it possible to complete our jobs faster, better and with fewer costly mistakes. Our dozers and excavators are loaded with digital models and equipped with GPS. Laborers are doing their own layout on the fly. And speaking of flying, there is the steady buzz of a drone in the air as it flies back and forth across our site. But what is it doing?

In mid-2016 the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) rolled out their Part 107 rules and authorization, paving the way for the recent explosion in Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), or drone technology. Some industries are still in the experimental stages waiting for further improvements to battery technologies and methods to safely allow flying beyond the visual line of sight (BVLOS). However, one area in which there was an almost immediate impact has been in the construction realm. More particularly, in the areas of surveying and mapping.

Using drones to obtain real-time, actionable data helps clients make important decisions on-the-spot and throughout the lifecycle of a project from the initial site survey through the design process, construction, and post-construction phases.

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