Maser and All Bright Team for Drone Enabled Damage Assessment

By Maraliese Beveridge

ALBANY, NY – When disaster strikes, the first task in responding to service interruptions is to assess the damage done to facilities and develop restoration plans based upon the scope and breadth of damage incurred. Maser Consulting PA, an engineering and design consultant, and All Bright Electric Support Services, an electrical contractor with damage assessment expertise, are pleased to announce they have teamed their expert resources to expand the services available during storm emergencies to utility and municipal clients.

Maser Consulting Drone Assessment

Drone Enabled Damage Assessment

Traditionally, repair or damage assessment crews respond to areas impacted to begin their tasks.

However, often during these events, access to damage sites is prevented by downed trees, poles and wires, flooded or icy roads, etc. Drone Enabled Damage Assessment can overcome these obstacles.

FAA rules call for a Certified Remote-Pilot in Command to operate a drone for commercial purposes. In the event of a disaster, the Pilot in Command can work with the appropriate agencies to acquire an emergency waiver from the FAA allowing the drone to operate in these conditions. For electric system events, a qualified Damage Assessor (DA) is also trained to be a Visual Observer attached to the drone operation. By combining these resources, a drone can be guided into inaccessible areas and close to utility systems and equipment to provide video access to the team. This team now can safely provide immediate damage assessment information about facilities that may otherwise have been inaccessible.

Drone enabled DA crews can supplement a damage assessment workforce and be used to quickly access transmission lines, substations and distribution facilities as soon as flight conditions permit.  All Bright Electric and Maser Consulting have personnel stationed throughout the country ready to respond and offer full traditional damage assessment and engineering services including LiDAR and surveying.

For additional information about Drone Enabled Damage Assessment, please contact Steven DeCarlo, Director of Utility Services for Maser Consulting at 518-441-9973.

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