• Safety by Design

    Job Site Safety

    A Near Miss Today Could be an Injury Tomorrow! Featured in the November issue of Civil + Structural Engineer Magazine, Lisa DeBenedetto, Health & Safety Manager for Maser Consulting, discusses how the firm's safety plan is designed to meet their specific field activities. "Because Maser Consulting is a multi-discipline engineering firm, we have field staff working within a wide variety of job site environments performing very specific tasks. Our goal was to minimize our potential for safety violations through a system of on-site self-governance that we developed from the ground-up."
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  • Subsurface Utility Engineering: My Name is SUE!

    SUE in C+S

    MORE THAN MEETS THE EYE: Updating Our Nation’s Hidden Infrastructure!  It’s no secret that infrastructure across the US has reached a point of no return. Every building material we use, concrete, steel,...
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