Bruce Sheldon Hired by Maser Consulting Telecom Division

By Maraliese Beveridge

Maser Consulting PA, a multi-discipline consulting and engineering design firm, is pleased to announce that it has hired Bruce Sheldon as Senior Project Manager in its Telecommunications Division. Mr. Sheldon’s expertise will extend the firm’s capabilities in The Carolinas in performing design services for the telecommunications industry from outside services, tower-to-building (OSP) projects, to further include distribution from property to inside end users (ISP).

Senior Project Manager in Telecommunications Division Bruce Sheldon

Maser Consulting Welcomes Bruce Sheldon to Telecom Division

“Bruce has insight into our industry that comes from a concentrated experience with telecommunication operations,” stated Craig Zeidman, Division Director of Infrastructure Services for Maser Consulting. “His knowledge and expertise are invaluable to expansion and servicing our clients.”

Mr. Sheldon has 35 years of experience in the telecommunications industry, particularly in working on large projects at a state level and in conjunction with the facility owners across the region. Maser Consulting is an approved utility coordination company for NC DOT and Mr. Sheldon is charged with facilitating the growth of the firm’s engineering services within The Carolinas’ region including fiber and coax strand mapping, consulting, design, permitting, wind loading services, utility coordination for relocations. He served on the Board of Directors at NC811 and was past chairman of the NC Utility Coordination Committee.

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